Saturday, December 29, 2007

Ain't they sweet?

Ok, my dh and I have been having a debate about our kids and who they look like. Ds is a much paler version of dh and at one point, ds and dd looked a lot alike. Right now, I don't think they look a lot alike but dh thinks they're almost identical. Tell me your thoughts. I think they look related but they're definitely not twins.
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  1. yea, definitely related but a lot of differences in their features, noses, eyes & mouths (same skin color though) they are cute!!

  2. First let me say they are so cute! They are definitely related but look different tell hubby to get some glasses!!! People say my two daughters look alike and no way one looks like my side of the family and they other is the spitting image of my HUSBAND!!! Go figure!

  3. both are very cute!
    obvious that they are siblings, but not twins!


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