Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Ummmmmm, wow. . .

Ok, I don't know what to think right now. I just checked my email and someone unsubscribed from my blog. Now, people subscribe and unsubscribe regularly so it's really no big deal in the overall scheme of things. I do this for me and if people like it and we start *talking* and viewing each other's blogs then great.

This part kind of bothers me though. Most of the time there is no reason for unsubscribing and I didn't even know it was an option. This particular person unsubscribed because she found my blog "offensive". Wow! I didn't realize that my blog would offend someone. The only thing I can think of is that one of the pics on this Tuesday's eye candy is risque. . .but offensive? Yeesh! To each his own!

So, let me put out a little disclaimer now--most Tuesdays I'm going to post a pic or pics of some guy that I find attractive or sexy in some way, shape, or form. This could include just head shots and/or full body shots. Some of these pics might be semi-nude but I will not post full frontal nudity or even booty shots. At most, my pics will be rated R ;-)

My intent is not to offend anyone and if you think enough of my blog/me to visit it and even maybe subscribe to it, I welcome your thoughts and comments. I'm fairly thick skinned and don't offend easily. I'm also *really* liberal--I live in the Bay Area and work in Berkeley, ya know! So what may offend others really doesn't bother me. I'm very, very open minded and totally try my best to be politically correct and make sure that anything I say and do would not offend anyone based on race, gender, sexual orientation, or any disabilities!

Ok, off my soap box and thanks for visiting!


  1. Oh, just be who you wanna be...there are enough bloggers out there that everyone can find someone that they like (if personality is such a pre-req). Sometimes I read blogs and someone raves about so and so, and I am like "Huh? What's the appeal?" I read lots of blogs where I don't agree with a) their politics, or b) their sensibility (lots of bitching and moaning)...personally, I am looking for the cards! Of course, if the person "gets it", that is cool too!

    BTW, plenty of people have unsubcribed from my site (I have never looked why)...I just assume that they are using Google Reader!

  2. Kathy, know that I for one LOVE your Tuesday posts! I am a lot like you in many ways, am not easily offended either.
    FYI about the subscribers thing, many people have jumped on the feedreader bandwagon. So they are basically being notified twice if they are subscribed to your blog. Feedreader allows them to be notified immediately when you post. So in all honesty, it is better than feedblitz. I have 200 or so active readers and 20 or so unsubscribed, and really it is not causing me to lose any sleep. I have a card I am going to email you. I sooooo wanted to post it on my blog....but it a bit off the wall, and know that most people would spew their morning coffee all over the screen and laugh hysterically, but others would have a fit! Okay...i'll shut up now, I just wanna say one more thing...
    Oh yeah and spell check! *snort*

  3. I think someone needs to take the stick out of his or her ummmm, a$$.

    Some people are just so uptight

    Keep on posting for those of us who aren't offending... and please keep sharing that eye candy... I may be married (and have been for 16 years) but I ain't DEAD!

  4. I started subscribing to feeds with one email address (my personal one) and then later created a new email address for all stamping related stuff -- so I have unsubscribed before. Maybe it was for an innocuous reason like that ???

  5. That's too bad! Now, me personally, I'm not really into the "eye candy", but I love your artwork, so I wouldn't unsubscribe (although I have you in Google Reader!). Just keep being you!

  6. Offensive??? You??
    I find you more intriguing now! lol
    If you are offensive, I am down right X rated. I have had plenty of people unsubscribe too, just figure we don't part our hair on the same side.
    I say the more edgy the better!
    Bring on the skin sister!! LOL

  7. To each it's own. See me personally would just unsubscribe and let it be...I wouldn't state anything. That person has the option to just stop reading your blog...simple as that. Anyways, keep having fun!

  8. I recently unsubbed from a blog because I had signed up for it as it was supposed to be card making-with a little life thrown in. I love seeing artwork and there are so many people out there who are so talented that its overwhelming. But this blog I was reading no longer posted any artwork-it became a religious diary of her life so I unsubbed. I listed it as no longer relevant as that was the closest description to why I no longer was reading it. I get over 250 feeds a day and I get so backlogged as it is. I also get vegetarian cooking blogs-but when one said she was going to list meat recipes twice times a week-again, not relevant for me anymore.

    Your photos were NOT offensive!!! I had such a hot flash at 2 AM-and glanced over at my lump of lard catching flies in his sleep. sigh--but he is all mine. even bigger sigh. I get a bigger thrill out of watching the local weather forecast. SO when does the next Johnny Depp movie open? I need to find some local kids for an excuse to see it. I need another hot flash or two and Orlando Bloom thrown in for good measure!

  9. Forgot to add on previous post-the blog I unsubbed from. I still got the next feed and she took great umbrage to my unsubbing and has a long missive about what was relevant. Hubby and I had a long chat about that (he doesnt get the whole thing about blogging-but he is getting one for his scout stuff soon). I wasnt offended by her long tale but I wondered why she took the time to write it az its just a blog. She certainly was NOT going to convert me or get me to feel guilty and sign up again. I wish her well in her new found joy. And when Johnny Depp shows up at my door, I hope you all will wish me well too-especially fly catcher man!

  10. oh man - sorry about that, Kathy! It's just a fact of life there will be some offended by things that we are unaware of. But on the other hand - it may not have been that either! I initially 'subscribed' to blogs via feedblitz or whatever when I was requested to participate in blog candy or because I didn't know about GOOGLE reader (StamperSharon taught me about that) and I unsubscribed based on that. I didn't want more stuff to clog my email (I already subscribe to yahoo groups & sometimes it gets so overwhelming I need to back off & get digest). Take a deep breath & be yourself. Either people will like it (you) or not. Keep on keepin' on - I TOTALLY look forward to your Tuesday Eye Candy!! woohoo

  11. Oh please!!!! She needs to get her big girl panties on...if she doesn't like it...don't read/look! I for one LOVE your eye candy...A girl can dream right? Keep doing just what you are doing...Hugs!


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