Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Mohawk Boy!

Dh gave our 4 yo a hair cut this weekend and this is how he came downstairs. He totally loved it and dh took him back upstairs to even it out a bit. . . well, I guess he evened it out too much because when I went upstairs, there was a sad 4 yo with no mohawk :-( Now, I'm not big on mohawks and didn't really like them when they were first in style but since my little guy looked adorable with it and it made him so happy, I'm willing to let him have one. We've decided to let his hair grow out a little again and try it once more in a few weeks.

In other news, my Papertrey sets made it to my local post office this morning so I should have them to play with tonight. Woohooooooooo!!!!! New stamps to ink up!!!!!!


  1. My stepson won't even let me spike his hair! He gets the pouty lip goin on! I agree about the mohawks tho... Papertrey rocks! I can;t wait to see what you do with them!

  2. My little guy sports a full mohawk during the summer, we love it!


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