Wednesday, May 30, 2007

A Rak from Yvette

I love this RAK I just got from Yvette. Petal Prints was one of the first sets I bought as a demo and even though it's retiring, I'm definitely hanging on to it. This card is gorgeous! I love pink and brown together and since this is one of my favorite sets, can I just tell you how much I love it!!!!!!

That said, it's Wednesday and I love hump day since the week is nearing the end. There's a carnival at Mason's school in the afterschool program so I'm going to try to get out of work a little early so that I can grab Miles and Maya and take them as well.

The room is coming along slowly but surely--dh gave me a hard time that I was going to disappear in there since he was leaving Tuesday morning and wanted us to spend time together. . .his reasoning is that I can work on it at night while he's gone. . .ummmmmm, that's part of the reason it got that way. I'm too tired at night! Anyway, my goal is to have a gorgeous room to show you soon and then I'm not going to keep throwing things in there. I know if it's usable, I'll use it and won't have to keep bringing things from one room to another and then just throwing them in there.

Have a great Wednesday and send some sun my way. We're having unseasonably cool weather right now.
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  1. PRETTY!! She did a good job and you are so lucky to recieve it :)


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