Monday, May 14, 2007

Lookie--I got RAK'ed!

Hi all! I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend. We made it back yesterday evening and I had some happy mail. I got this wonderful RAK from Debbie Seyer. She used Blossoms Abound and it's so pretty and sparkly! I love it. Can you believe that I actually don't own this SU set ;-) This is making me think that I need it. I love the soft colors of this card and the sparkles. I especially love how the focal image is attached under the slit punched edged. I do admit that I'm slit punch impaired and I totally love this effect--I just haven't figured out how to make it work for me. Debbie is super talented and you should definitely check her blog out when you get the chance.

Today, I got 2 more RAKS!!!!!!! The first is from Cindy because I won one of her FRAKS. I loved this card when I saw it on her blog but it's even more amazing in person. I'm so glad that she's my stamping/blogging bud. She is amazing talented and has a great sense of humor. You've got to check out her blog when you get the chance--it's never a dull moment over there.

The last RAK is from Allison. Allison rocks and is the blogging queen :-) I check her blog out daily and love how she highlights what's going on in the stampin blog world for all of us. Who needs Google Reader when I can check out Stampin When I Can :-) I love the patterned paper that she used on this card and the flowers. This card is sooooooo pretty and so feminine and I'm totally loving it.

But wait, that's not all! I also had a package waiting for me over the weekend from My Favorite Things. I got a few acrylic blocks and the Dino-Mite stamp set. My 8 year old love it :-) and has said more than once "that's a really cool dinosaur stamp set! Can I use it?" ummmmmm, yeah right! This is one of mommy's toys, not yours! I do have a birthday card to make and was going to do it last night but we got in a little late and dh asked me to make a Mother's Day card for his grandma (which I didn't get a pic of before he popped it in the envelope).

So, did I score or what? But wait. . .I'm still not done! I also got a little box from Ellen Hutson today. I ordered some of the Arturo cards and Amuse micro dot twinkle stickers. I cannot wait to play with these toys. The coolest and sweetest thing is that sends a little thanks for ordering so I have one of her works of art now. She is super talented :-)

Finally, since it was 9:00, I had to go to PAPERTREYink to order the newest stamp set, Little Lady, and while I was there I ordered Green Thumb since I didn't have it yet and darnit, that's only $39 and I need to spend $40 for free shipping so why not throw in some clear boxes as well?

Somebody, stop me! I've spent so much lately on non-SU items and am remembering that this is why I became a demo--to save money! I just can't help myself when there are so many cute things out there.

So, I'm watching 24 and will attempt to get a little stamping done since the kids are in bed. I've got an incredibly busy week this week. Friday is a holiday for us but I'm feeling like I'm cramming 7 days of work into 4. I'll be at work till 6:30ish tomorrow night because I've got a meeting that will go late so my dad is picking the kids up for me. I'm leaving for a conference Wednesday afternoon and am trying to decide if I'm bringing the kids home early or checking to see if my dad can pick them up again. I had to figure out a way to get my 8 year old to school on Thursday since I'll be gone over night and have that figured out. Oh, did I mention that dh is gone again? This is going to be a pretty regular occurence with him gone during the week. He usually comes home Thursday but the client just asked if he could travel on Sunday night so he's there first thing Monday morning. . .ummmmmm, I don't think so since our weekends have been sacred and are family time. So, he's thinking of starting to come home on Friday instead of Thursday even though it's a sucky travel day. Methinks it's time for him to look for a job that doesn't entail so much travel. We'll see what happens.

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  1. Hey this wad really nice to read...and the photos look great...thanks for sharing this wonderful post with us...also drop by mine sometime and check out all that i've posted there!!!

  2. Yeah, my hubby travels a lot too...he just got home on Sunday night after being gone for a week. When he is gone...I will just come and visit HUE JACKMAN on your blog....mmmmmmmm...I love wild animals!


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