Wednesday, May 16, 2007

A Make and Take

So, I'm in Sacramento all by my lonesome right now. I came up earlier today for a conference/event and honestly didn't realize the importance of this thing. My boss asked me to attend last Thursday because he couldn't and now that I'm here, I'm totally honored that he thinks highly enough of me to send me to this. This is an important political networking/shoulder rubbing/political deal :-) Everyone I've met has been super nice and is so interested in mentoring me and helping me move up the career ladder. . .and they're connected and are encouraging me to apply for new jobs like right NOW! Whew!

Anyway, on the way up here, I had to make a stop at a rubber stamping store that carries Amuse stamps since I'm still on a hunt. Well, I didn't find any Amuse stamps that I absolutely needed but I did find some other things. . . .I got some Petaloo flowers that are super cute, a Marvy Mega scalloped square, i kan' dee pearlescent chalks, the Tsukineko Essential Glue Pad, and 2 stamps--a scalloped oval by My Sentiments Exactly! and another cute little kinda stick figured girls with a flower by American Art Stamp.

But that's not all--they had a *free* make and take which I did. Super quick and super easy. I'm gonna have to remember this and whip out something like this one when I need to have a bunch of cards on hand.

Anyway, I'm going back home tomorrow after our meetings--I get to be an actual delegate and vote on important issues that affect the whole membership of the organization! Eeks, little ole me with all this responsibility! Until then, it's still relatively early and I did bring some stampin stuff with me so I'm about to play with some new toys before I hit the hay.


  1. WOWZA...look at you and your bad self being all important and stuff...Way to go girl!
    I am on the A muse hunt still as well, and still...nothing for miles!

  2. This card is gorgeous!!!! And what an honor for you...congrats on the hubby loves doing that stuff. Good luck climbing that ladder...hope you are not afraid of will probably go far!


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