Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Delta and Dawn

I'm so glad that they've made it back to the ocean. I've been following the story of the Humpback Whales who accidently came up into the Sacramento River. I vividly remember Humphrey the Humpback whale from when I was a kid and still find it amazing to this day.

So, roughly 20 years later, we've got 2 humpback whales who are far, far from sea trapped in a river. A mama whale and her baby. The first few days this was breaking my heart since they really talked about the mama wasting away since she was giving all her nutrients to her baby by nursing her. . .those of you who don't know me--I'm a DIE HARD nursing mom who totally and completely believes that breast is best and kids should nurse till they self wean (or mom helps them in a gentle way). Anyway, this has been a huge news story lately and I know it's more than local. Apparently, they made it under *my* bridge and are back out in the open sea. You can check it out and see what I've been staying up at night to watch here :-)

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  1. Awwww, I am so glad they are back where they belong. I am a die hard animal lover...


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