Tuesday, May 8, 2007

A Muse again

So, I've been totally browsing the A Muse site and did manage to find 3 A Muse stamps at my LSS and this is gonna be a vent. WTF??? Why are they so pricey? I could have gotten a cutie patootie (probably spelled wrong) sentiment that is tiny for $8.75ish. Huh? They also had one other sentiment the same size and the ties stamps for about the same price. Love them as I do, I'm not about to spend roughly $9 on one stamp!!!!! I'm not *that* creative and can't get that many good uses out of one $9 stamp!

That said, there were many, many other stamps that I loved today. I'm digging a couple other lines like Rubber Soul and Savvy Stamps right about now. They're much less pricey and totally cute. If I hadn't spent way too much recently on stamping stuff, I'd have easily droppped mucho cash on these two stamp lines today.


  1. If you like the Amuse images, also check out Impress Rubberstamps.

  2. You changed the look of your blog! Anyways, I have not bought A Muse stamps for that same reason. The added expense for me is getting them to me (I live in a remote-ish community). Cute, but not worth the cost,IMO!

  3. As much as I love their images, I totally agree they are $! Luckily, Rubber Soul aren't as costly. They also offer acrylic sets that are definitely worthwhile.

  4. I hear ya sistah!
    I only found 3 stamps too but they cost me $25!! Good thing I only found those, so I am using them again and again and again...LOL

  5. I agree they are expensive and only buy a few a year. I love the little houses and shops they do. Another very expensive company is SAvvy-just a small and juast as painful. And Rosie's Roadshow too-but if I budget (yeah that's the ticket) I can add some to my collection. Or I wait until my LSS has a sale like buy two get one free or something. There was a photo on someone's blog last night with a whole basket full of AMuse stamps she was buying-like almost one of each! Can you imagine the total? I cant remember where the photo was tho. If I find it again, I will send a link. That photo was my whole months budget with mortgage etc.

  6. A Muse has some acrylic. I just bought some and posted on my blog. You should check it out -- too cute and not expensive! I like them too but couldn't buy any til now.

    Oh, I'm in SBS2 :D


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