Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Where is the time going?

So, I just enrolled my littlest one in kindergarten and it's really hitting me that she's not a baby anymore and the days of having babies in the house are over. I know that she doesn't start school till the Fall and in so many ways it's such a great thing since she's so excited about school and can't wait to be here-plus, it's not like she's going out of my care when she comes to school since I'm the principal! Life will be so much easier next Fall when all 3 kids come here to work with me and I don't have to do the preschool dropoff and pickup. I just don't know how the time went by so quickly. How did my baby girl turn from a tiny helpless baby into my very independent and self-assured little girl?

I know that this is just another step in her journey and mine but in so many ways it's a bittersweet moment.


  1. Wonderful picutres! And the time only goes faster as they get older.

  2. sweet pics! how did I miss the fact that you're principal at your kid's school? that is awesome; I bet you're a great one - we only had old ugly men as ours, you're a young hot chick & I bet that is cool for the kids! *smile*

  3. What a cute little princess... I just enrolled my baby for Kindergarten for the fall as well... Where the heck has the time gone? I think I will die when he is in 1st grade... What will I do with our my sidekick :( Even bigger yikes.. I will have a senior in High school that year...


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