Saturday, November 3, 2007

Pay it forward RAK

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I've seen a few other bloggers doing this and decided to join Donna's Pay It Forward RAK game. Look at all the goodies I got from her!!!!! I love this card and haven't gotten this set yet but oh my goodness, it's sooooooooooooo darn cute and my resolve is slowly dwindling. I also got the coolest scissor/cell phone charm that she made. My dd tried to confiscate it for herself but I had to tell her that it was mommy's charm. I also got some stamped images which are definitely gonna come in handy. Work has been extremely busy and I've been beat when I've come home so after dinner, cleaning up, getting the kids bathed and in bed, and trying to sit and relax, stamping just isn't happening right now for me. So, since we've got an extra hour this weekend, I may spend some time coloring these images in so that I can make some cards when I get a few other spare moments.

Sooooooo, wanna join the Pay it forward game? If you are interested, I'll take the first three people who want to play and RAK them with something. I've got lots of goodies that I should share since I've been cleaning up and realized that I've got so much stuff I've been hoarding for the longest time. Plus, having a reason to stamp helps me get over the hump of not stamping for awhile.

Have a great day and can you believe it's November?


  1. I'll play...sounds like alot of fun! What exactly do I need to do?

    Kathy Janicki

  2. I'd love to play Pay It Forward too!

    Rachel Shirk

  3. sounds like a great fun. And Kathy...what in the world is your avitar doing???

  4. glad you liked your goodies - look forward to seeing your creations (sorry I didn't have time to hook up while in the Bay Area, I just got back today) but we can try another time!

  5. This card is so pretty Kathy!


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