Wednesday, November 7, 2007


So, since I haven't been doing a lot of stamping lately, I thought I'd just share some random musings with you all.

I've seen the tag game of posting 7 random things about yourself and even though I haven't been tagged, I figure I'd go ahead and post some stuff anyway. I'm hoping to get some stamping done tonight. I actually colored some images in the other night that I was RAK'ed with so I can make a few cards but it's not exactly like stamping and making a card from beginning to end :-)

1. I was a military brat and spent most of elementary and middle school in Germany; however I do not speak German :-)

2. I wanted to be a singer when I was little but since I'm a horrible singer, I probably would've starved if I had tried to do it as a career.

3. I skipped 8th grade when we moved from Germany to California. In hindsight, I wish my parents would have pushed to have me skipped at an earlier age because it was a huge culture shock moving and going from 7th grade to high school.

4. I wasn't "allowed" to date until I was 16 and was with my first boy friend from when I was 15 to 21. We ended up being engaged but I broke it off horribly because I wasn't ready to continue that relationship and wanted to see what else was out there. I don't regret not marrying him but I wish I had ended it in a more mature manner.

5. I hate cleaning and I'm a horrible cleaner. I wish I could afford a maid but I'd be embarrassed to have someone have to clean up after me regularly.

6. I went to school and ate lunch with my kindergartner today. He was very surprised to see me and didn't want me to leave. While I was there, I managed to watch his cousin and my older one for awhile at lunch recess. Now, my older son knows that his school is one of the schools I serve but it never fails to amaze how oblivious he is to my presence on the campus and how I'll always catch him acting goofy.

7. I was a 4 sport athlete in high school and even lettered and still have my letterman's/lettergirl's jacket but I'm not a very good athlete. I think you'd want to give me an A for effort and hard work cuz it wasn't my natural talent that got me on the teams.

So, post some random things about yourself so that I and your other blog readers can get to know you better.

Thanks for visiting!


  1. I posted randomness because of you & Simone!

  2. #5...O.M.G!! Me too!
    I would be too embarassed for anyone to see just how bad a cleaner I am! Or how messy!
    What's even worse is that I clean every Saturday morning for like 2-3 hours and it looks the same! (I guess I don't do it right?!!)
    Man, I wish you lived closer, we'd be best of friends with our dirty houses and guitar hero! LOL

  3. You earned your letters because you were a team player. Talent isnt all there is. Commitment counts, the challenge counts. My daughter got most improved in cross country not because she was fast but because she tried the hardest. She ended up being captain and still last around the loop. But the respect is there. Not an athlete by the standard opinion but very much sje earned her letters. 15 years later, she is still plugging (we did a half marathon together last month) and close to the last ones in, but we did it. Dont downgrade your letters or your athletic ability. as a HSer I had no sport options avaiable to me. I so wanted to play baseball with the guys but it was against the rules. thankfully, I had brothers who let me play and I took up other sports in my 20s. Never stop playing!

  4. I love to read these tags interesting.


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