Friday, November 16, 2007

Be Gentle. . .

Because I am not a scrapper--I'm a card maker.Miles got to bring Mr Monkey home for a week. It's one of the kindergarten class projects where they bring a stuffed animal home and take pictures of what they do with him and then put together a scrapbook. Miles' kindergarten teacher was also Mason's teacher and is one of my very few SU customers so she sent him home with us first because she knew we were going out of town and I'm "so crafty" bwwwwaaaaahhaaaaahaaaa!

So, we took Mr Monkey to the game/tailgate party at the Rosebowl last weekend and this is what I came up with. First, we've got the cover to the Mr Monkey book that the teacher asked me to make and then our page. I'm also going to add a pic that Miles drew of Mr Monkey and have him write a little about how much he liked having Mr Monkey visit our family for a week.

I'm gonna skip the deets for now but I do eventually want to scrap our UCLA/Rosebowl tailgating times--I've got a priceless pic of me holding Miles in the Baby Bjorn when he was about 6 months old. It looks like he's drinking out of my Mike's Hard Lemonade that'll be one to remember. I also have all these ideas in my head about how to make the pages amazingly wonderful (unlike these that I did super quick and are not gonna be saved by me)

I apologize for the not great quality pics but it's late and Mr Monkey and the book have to return to school tomorrow.

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  1. They're great, especially for a non-scrapper! Come to the dark side Kathy! LOL


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