Thursday, July 19, 2007

Wow, I rock :-)

Colleen, over at Distinctive Touches nominated me as a Rockin' Girl Blogger. If you've seen how talented Colleen is you'll know what an honor I feel this is to be nominated by her. She's super talented and shares so much of herself in her blog. Even though we haven't met, she seems like a great person and I'd love to stamp with her in real life. I almost got the chance to go meet her since dh was working out her way but then the project ended and now he's starting a new project here instead.
Anyway, here are 5 more Rockin' Girl Blogger you should go check out:
Marie over at Combat Boots to Rubber Stamps. While you're there, send her some get that baby out vibes (even though I'm hoping she had him already). I love her work!!!!
Yvette over at Creatables by Yvette. She's Australian and is currently home for a bit but she's still finding time to post and share with us.
Kristina over at Kwernerdesign Blog. If you haven't check her out you need to! I love, love, love her clean, crisp, classic designs. Her work reminds me regularly to keep it simple and to not overdo it.
Malieta at Life's Simple Pleasures. I love her scrapbook pages and posts. I really fly like I'm getting a little peek into her life.
Vera over at Southern Style Stamping. I think I found her blog while going through the galleries at SCS and her work is amazing!!!!!
So, check out these other rocking bloggers when you get the chance :-)

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  1. YOU ROCK! I am off to check out your nominations...


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