Thursday, April 5, 2007

What does your name mean?

What Kathy Means

K is for Keen

A is for Alluring

T is for Terrific

H is for Heavenly

Y is for Yummy
What Kathrene Means

K is for Kinky

A is for Athletic

T is for Tender

H is for Humorous

R is for Radical

E is for Easy

N is for Naive

E is for Enchanting
What Does Your Name Mean?

I saw this on another blog and wanted to give it a try. I like these little games :-) I used my name that everyone calls me and then my "real" name. Hmmmmmm, which one is more of the real me? What do you think?

So, dh is on a business trip again and I'm still recovering from our weekend away. My 4 yo was not the best listener while we were gone and had a rough day returning to preschool. Love him as I do, he is a stubborn little dude (just like his dad) and definitely has a mind of his own. We haven't figured out what consequences work on him at this point.

I've got to get some stamping done tonight or tomorrow. We're having my 8 yo's bday party this Saturday--where does time go? I cannot believe my baby boy is now 8! I've gotta make him a card for the party and figure out what I'm doing for party favors.

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