Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Somebody Stop Me!

So, since I've moved from one position to another in the district, I travel from school to school alot. Well, sometimes when I'm going from one place to another, my LSS calls me and it's like they've got super magnets or something that make my car go park right in front of them! Today, while I was at *lunch* I had to pop in and of course, I had to buy something. . . .I can't just browse, right? So, I'm kinda intrigued by the clear stamps and I haven't gotten any PaperTrey ones (yet) and thought I'd look for something that wouldn't cost too much so I wouldn't hate them if I didn't like them. These stamps by MSE are so cute and I especially love the "you rock" sentiment. and of course, since EVERYONE at SCS says that pigment or chalks are best with the acrylics, I just had to get a few of the Versamagic Dew Drops--it's not like I don't have all the Stampin' Up! Craft spots. . . .I swear, I have no will power or self control. This is not showing you the other little goodies I got myself last week or the other times that I've had to pop in. Sorry for the not so great pic but I'm at work and had to use my phone, not my real camera :-)

Speaking of the whole will power/self control thing. I became a Stampin' Up! Demo shortly after discovering rubber stamping since it was so overwhelming out there. I figured I'd buy from one place with a discount and learn and save money-bwwwaaaahhaaaaahaaaaaa! I think I buy more SU stuff because I'm a demo and recently, I've started to branch out more and more. I'm seriously considering giving up my demoship since it's not like I have a huge customer base or do lots of workshops and I'd actually probably save some money by not just staying with SU. I'd probably think a little more about my purchases and force myself to use what I've got rather than feeling like I *must* have the newest stamp sets and accessories. I dunno. . .I've told myself I'll hang in as long as I and my puny customer base can continue to meet the minimums but I think it might be ending soon.


  1. Funny you should mention giving up your demonstratorship! I also have the same feeling and will wait long enough to get the new catty as I'm sure I won't have enough to cover 1/4 minimum. Besides it a gerat big world of stamping out there.

  2. I have NO willpower either. I'm always buying something or another! But did you see on Julie Brooks' blog that she's doing the Dew drops share? Do I need 36 dew drops !?!? Like your blog title says: "Somebody stop me" :)

    I got into stamping 6 months ago going to a SU party-- so not a demo or anything but have a lot of sets... I think you should give it up - I mean there are SOO many fun stamps out there now -- great companies offering such interesting stamps. I have no idea how much you save as a demo ~ but you could be spending some of that money on other goodies!!


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