Wednesday, April 18, 2007

My first Blogger RAK

Lookie what I got! This super cute card is from Donna-scs id dbaker3. You can check out her blog here. I love the sets she used and the color combo and the primas are gorgeous and soft--they feel like real flowers!!!! Donna is a former Bay Area gal who managed to escape the high cost of living up here. Dh and I talk about getting out of here every once in awhile and I fantasize about the time when I can have a normal mortgage (and more money for stamps and stuff) but then reality sets in. I could never leave my oldest ds and I can't see his dad letting me move him out of the State without a fight so here I stay. It could be a lot worse--it's gorgeous here and when the weather is nice, there is not a more beautiful place to live.

So, it's still relatively early and the kids all went to sleep without a fight. I just had my goodnight conversation with dh so it's time to get some stamping done :-)
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