Monday, October 29, 2007


Once again, I gotta apologize. I know I haven't been stamping or blogging much lately but I did have a good family oriented weekend and work is crazy again. It'll slow down later in the week but I've got a bunch of little guys I gotta find placement for NOW!

Anyway, dh set the Wii back up and we got a couple games that are super fun. The first one is called Playground and is a lot of fun! We were all cracking up at each other playing tetherball on Saturday. We also got the new Guitar Hero and man, as much as the game is fun, I suck! So, do I stamp later or try to play Poison's Talk Dirty to Me.

Despite my lack of posting, I was nominated 3 times for the You Make Me Smile award. Allison, Malieta, and Donna all nominated me and I'm really honored and thrilled since they are all awesome bloggers and definitely make me smile:-) Now, I have lots of blogs that make me smile and I'm so thankful to have found the wonderful world of stamping blogs. Since I'm so darn late on this, I don't know who has been tagged yet but if you haven't, consider yourself tagged!

So, it's Monday night and Halloween is approaching. Should I finish the goody bags or play some Wii with dh?

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  1. Guitar Hero all the way DUDE!!! (My hubby and I have it too and we LOVE to is soooo addictive!)


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