Monday, June 23, 2008

Little Monkeys Storage

So, I thought I'd give you an update on the Little Monkeys storage system. I bought a starter kit and extra inserts and sleeves and fell in love! I had to go ahead and get another starter system, more sleeves and inserts, and tabs to help me separate them into categories.

These 2 boxes hold 39 SU stamp sets, 3 MissyB Designs sets, 7 Rubber Romance Stamps (and you know how big those puppies are), a few Bellas with room for more, and other miscellaneous stamps. The majority of my stamps are on regular EZ-Mount but a lot of the sentiments and smaller ones are on the thin EZ-Mount. I'd probably be able to get a few more sleeves and inserts in each box if they were all on the thin EZ-Mount but I don't see myself switching everything over at this point. All in all, I'm happy that these 2 small boxes hold what was in roughly 50 CD cases!!!!! It's a definite space savings and I'm really happy with it. At this point, I think I'm only going to use it for rubber stamps and I'll keep my acrylics in CD cases but I may change my mind over time. I didn't like the way the acrylic stamps stuck to the sleeve as well as the insert sheet, plus it's harder to tell what stamp is which. I like being able to pick up the CD case and read the sentiments but since I can't see through the inserts, it's not happening here!

I didn't plan on being home today. My last day of work before vacation is Friday but on the way in, the 6 yo decided to throw up all over himself in the car. . . sigh, the joys of parenthood! He's engrossed in watching DVDs right now so I'm planning to get some stamping done. I did a little last night and my mojo is missing!

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  1. love the look of your new blog. that system is cool...I will have to try it out some day. tfs!

  2. Your new system looks great Kathy..TFS!!!

  3. I just purchased this starter set last week and I'm looking forward to getting stampy organized! Thanks for the visual! It looks awesome!

  4. wow very cool. thats a lot of stamps in a small area


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