Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Sleeping babies

I know I said I'd be stamping but I'm actually in the process of unmounting my stamp sets :-) I did three of them in the last 2 evenings--Pick a Petal, Monkey Business, and Eat Cake. I don't know how many more I'll do. It's not horrible but it's tedious work. I'm sure that I'll be thrilled when I'm done, I'm just tired of sticky, gunky stuff all over the place. So, since I'm not stamping, here's a pic from this weekend taken with my camera phone. Isn't the quality great? NOT!!!!! I rarely get all three of them together and still but fortunately, they're all sleeping like babies which means that the bossy one aka Maya isn't screaming orders at the brothers. I love my kids :-) and I love when they're peaceful like this. I swear, I could just stare at them for hours. Dh is always telling me to not stare at them when they're sleeping but I can't help it. They look so angelic and I forget that they were raising a ruckus at the store and just not listening. I'm sure my coworkers would be rolling on the floor laughing. I can handle hard core teenagers but my three kids give me a run for my money :-) In fact, when I was returning some things this morning right when the store opened, the salesperson made a comment about how much energy Mason and Maya had so early (and she remembered them from our purchase the other day--in fact she had to tell her family about Maya and her comments while we were shopping) Yeah, I'm the woman in the store who people just shake their heads at and wonder why the crazy woman had so many if she can't handle them. Fortunately, they have great manners and behave like angels for others. They're just wild and crazy hooligans with me. Aren't I lucky!
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  1. you are the one with the screaming kids that always get in line behind us at the store! (grin)

    They are adorable...and they will be teenagers soon enough...enjoy them while they are smaller than you! (grin!)

  2. Kids always do that, perfect angels at other people's houses, but at home...
    Always the way!
    And they are adorable, when they are asleep.

  3. Your children are all so adorable looking. They are like little angels when they sleep so I can understand why you love watching them sleep. ;)I miss having little children around me. Enjoy every single minute of it because they grow up in what seems like a blink of an eye. :)


  4. Kathy....your kids are just beautiful!!!! this picture is a keeper.

  5. Oh my goodness! They are just precious!!

    And I totally *know* what you mean about watching them sleep - I think its God's way of helping us forget about all them times they act like monkies!! :o)


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