Thursday, February 8, 2007

You see this little girl?

Ok, you see this pic of this adorable little girl? Isn't she cute? I love her to death but sometimes I think she'll be the death of me. She's currently going through an "I don't want to sleep" phase and I'm exhausted! She's been my good sleeper, especially compared to the boys but with daddy out of town this week, she's decided that she's not sleeping and she's not sleeping alone. Now, I don't necessarily mind having one of the kids in bed with me but she's not falling asleep at a reasonable hour. . .and she wants to play with my hair, my face, my arms, my shoulders, etc. . .and talk, talk, talk. . .

So, needless to say, I haven't gotten all my laundry folded that I've been diligently washing and I haven't gotten any stamping done! I told the boys I'd made Valentine's cards for them and I have a couple swaps I joined. . .plus, I just want to stamp so I can have some time for me to do something that I enjoy. Sigh. . .dh will be home tomorrow and I'm sure that my little princess will sleep better.


  1. Well at least you have them to keep ya company when dh is away. She sound totally adorable, and is cute as a button!

    Perhaps she can stamp some things for us in the meantime? Bwahahaha

  2. my 3 yo is the same right now..
    doesn't Cindy Lou Who crack you up? lol!


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