Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Happy Valentine's Day!

Hi all, it's a gorgeous day here in the Bay Area!!! I'm thrilled that it's about 60 and not raining! I want to thank all of you who visit and read and I'm encouraging you to come out of lurkdom! So, here's a pic for your pleasure :-) I haven't gotten much stamping time lately but I love this pic of me, dh, and the little ones (my oldest was at his grandma's for the summer). My Valentine's and I will be going out for Mexican tonight--margaritas and enchiladas--what more out of life could I want?

On the way in today, the dj on the radio was talking about twisted Valentine's cards. Here's one that cracked me up. "Valentine, I loved you alot and thought you were the tops. . .but if you don't stop stalking me, I'm gonna call the cops!"

Leave me a comment with a twisted Valentine before 10 pm PST tonight and I'll have one of the kids randomly pick a name. The winner will receive a brand new and unmounted Big Blossom stamp set :-) I've got an extra one on the way and thought I could be generous today.


  1. Okay here is one....

    On Valentine's Day it is very important that you have:
    1. A man that loved you
    2. A man that buys you flowers
    3. A man that is romantic
    4. A man that likes bubble baths

    It is very important that these 4 men DO NOT know each other!!! LOL!!

    I heard one like this around New I changed it for the V DAY!!

    I love the family pic! It's nice to see stuff like that to give us a visual of whom you talk the most about. Do your kids accept BRIBES?? Bwahahahaha

  2. Hey there...oh, I miss the Bay Area (I lived in Fremont for four years right after DH finished school) esp. on days where I have shovelled three times! I have this site that I found that has some twisted creations only because they are from the 40s and 50s - they are so dated and non-PC! Have a visit and a giggle! and

  3. roses are red and daffodils are yellow,,, and if you see him with them in his hair I am sure he is a gay fellow.

  4. I found this one online (not sure exactly what it means, but it sounds twisted LOL):

    1. Be my Valentine.

    2. I love you.

    3. Never forget the rattlesnake in the crawlspace.

  5. Valentine's Day = another word for "Single Awareness Day"

    i heard this one on KIIS FM today... =)

    thanks for the blog candy!


  6. ok I am way to late so no twisted stuff. i just wanted to say.... Cute family!

  7. This Valentine cost me dime,
    I guess that means
    You are worth my time.


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