Monday, January 14, 2008

You Make My Day Award

Donna Baker nominated me for the You Make My Day Award which I think is sooooooooooooo nice of her. She is an amazing stamper and former Bay Area gal who is going to come back and visit with me soon :-) I love her blog and she's super sweet and has time to leave the nicest comments to others.

Now, I get to nominate up to 10 others who make my day. Donna stole a couple of my people and I know others have been tagged so I'm going to try to only tag people I know haven't been tagged yet.

1. Renee over at Stamping for Sanity. She has a wonderful and distinctive style--I love her work and she always leaves me such sweet comments. She's got 4 kids and #5 on the way but still manages to find time to share her wonderful work with us!

2. AJ over at The Willow Garden. She has a fresh, clean style that I love! I've learned a lot from studying her stamping.

3. Lynn over at LWDesigns. She's one of my SBS3 sisters and I love her work as well. So much fun!!!

4. Heather over at Hopefully. Did you see her Christmas wish list? I can honestly say that she's a girl after my own heart :-) She's my SBS3 Swap sister and I cannot wait to get my hands on a Heather Huggins original because her stuff is awesome.

5. Another SBS3 sister that makes my day is Robyn at Robyn's Creative Space. She was actually born in the town in Germany that my dad was stationed at for years--I did most of my elementary and middle school there. What a small world!

Finally, all of you who comment here and leave me positive affirmations make me day! I appreciate all my blogging buddies immensely.

OH, and I didn't post this but I got the most AMAZING RAK from Maren, who's another one of my SBS3 sisters. I never saw her work before we joined the group and I can honestly say that I stalk her blog and SCS gallery daily. Her stuff is amazingly beautiful!!!!!! Thanks so much, Maren!!!!!!!

Thanks for visiting!


  1. That is soooo sweet! You ROCK!

  2. Ok, for anybody to say that they study me is just completely flattering!!! Thanks for your oh so kind words!!!
    Your just so deserving of the award itself!!!

  3. Thanks Kathy for including me in your make my day!! I'm thrilled you'd like to receive one of my cards... I dropped one in the mail for you this afternoon! Sorry I'm so slow, I don't know where the time goes?? :)

  4. You do make many people's day (I speak from experience!) Congrats on the reward!
    Glad you like the card!


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