Saturday, June 23, 2007

UHU Glue Review.

If you are a crafting blogger, head over to Maria Filosa's blog. You can get free UHU samples to try out as long as you review them on your blog. This review is sadly late. I've been planning to do this for awhile since I first used this project when I made my ds's birthday party invites over a month ago. . .

Anyway, I got a sample of the UHU Glue Roller which is similar to MonoAdhesive. I don't know about you but I've grown more and more disappointed in Mono. It doesn't stick that well and my layers will fall off--I was mortified to see a thank you card that I'd made one of my teachers falling apart on her bulletin board! I told her I'd take it home and remake it and she just laughed at me. This sticks in my head because I know most non card makers and scrappers will put my cards in their circular file but for the rare ones who keep them and appreciate the, I really want them to last!

Another complaint that I have about Mono is that the dispenser gunks up frequently. I hate those little, sticky, gunky balls of adhesive that I'll get on the end of the dispenser.

That said, I was pretty excited about trying a different type of dispenser because one of the things I like about Mono is how easy it is to use. I love just being able to "roll" out adhesive from a container onto paper in a nice line without having to worry about tape, glue, etc.

So, one great thing about the UHU Glue Roller is that it doesn't gunk up! Instead of being a strip of adhesive, it's a bunch of little glue dots in a strip. The container is a little bigger than the Mono container but it feels more sturdy to me and is pretty comfortable to hold. So far, I'm not sure about the staying power. When I made my son's party invites, I made pocket cards and they didn't seem to hold up that well with the Glue Roller. Then again, this particular type of card may be one that has more of a need for sticky strip.

That said, right now if I had to pick between the 2 products (Glue Roller or Mono), I'd lean towards the Glue Roller. I like that it comes out smoothly, feels comfortable, and doesn't gunk up my projects with adhesive *boogers*.

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  1. Not a fan of the Mono either. I use the Scotch quick dry adhesive and love that it is cheap, holds forever, and lasts a long time...all good in my book.
    Will have to try this one!


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