Friday, June 1, 2007

I luv Bezerkeley :-)

Can I just tell you that I love being in Berkeley? I took this pic with my camera phone earlier today as I was leaving one of my elementary schools. I see this car all the time but never really noticed that the garage door is painted with a zebra scene as well. I know it's not a great pic since it's from my phone but it cracked me up!

I also went into Papyrus today and holy moly, those are some expensive cards!!!!!! I picked up a cute wedding card and it was $14.95. I felt a moment of smugness when I realized that I could make something just as nice by hand for much less (not counting the uncountable amounts of money that I've already spent on stamping stuff).

And guess what else? I finally have some Amuse stamps!!!!! I took advantage of the birthday sale and faxed my order in on Monday. Thursday, my stamps showed up. Woohooooooooo!!!! They're cute but wow, they're dinky!

My stamp room is almost totally cleaned up and organized so it's almost ready for me to start stamping again. It's my reward for all of my hard work in there.

Thanks for visiting!

1 comment:

  1. perfect description of the stamps...dinky is right!
    Can't wait to see whatcha make.


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