Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Random Blog Candy Thoughts

As I was going through Google Reader and blurfing, I was thinking to myself about blog candy. Do you all enter to win blog candy when your blogging buddies offer it up? Do you check out random blogs to win candy? Do you enter to win and then don't return to check up?

I do know that I've gotten more comments when I have blog candy which is to be expected. I know I've discovered blogs when bloggers give out candy.

However, I don't enter to win everytime I see blog candy :-) I don't enter to win on blogs that I know that I normally wouldn't return to or if it's something that I already have or if it's something that I know I wouldn't use and would just add to my stash of stuff. Sometimes, if it's someone I *know* or something cool, I want to comment but I don't necessarily want to be entered and wonder if the giver of the candy will be offended that I don't necessarily want their candy.

Just some thoughts. . .

and I had EVERY intention of stamping last night!!!!! Dh worked on his taxes and I watched the Biggest Loser finale. By the time I got the kids down, I lost my motivation to go into my stamp room and get my stuff. I think with my parents visiting and my stamp room in a state of chaos, it's hard for me to get motivated to stamp but I'm really missing it. My hope is to finish up work relatively quickly today and get home relatively early so that I can stamp. My mom's birthday is tomorrow so at the very least, I should stamp her a card since she's in the same country :-)

Thanks for visiting!


  1. I typically only enter for blog candy on someone's blog that I regularly read and comment on. It doesn't feel right to me to ask for something free when I don't read their blog, you know? I've never offered blog candy either ... haven't decided if I ever will!

    We have yet to do our taxes (we have until the end of April) and I only had a little bit of stamping time yesterday afternoon so I feel your angst!!

  2. If the blog candy is on a blog that I read regularly, I will enter (if it is something I don't have and will use), but if it is on a blog that I go and visit because I was told there was blog candy, I will first read posts to see if it is a blog that I will return to and if it is, I will enter. I am getting much more selective as I have added more blogs to my google reader. I would never sign up for blog candy from a friend. That just doesn't seem fair to me. Hope you get to stamp.
    Cheryl Sims

  3. Basically, if the blog isn't in my Reader I won't enter for the candy. That said, if it is a blog that really interests me I will add them to my Reader. It just doesn't seem fair to possibly win something and never go back. Also, if it isn't something that I really am interested I won't play along. I just doesn't seem fair to possibly take something away from someone that really wants (or needs) it.

  4. Thanks for making these blog candy thoughts, I was thinking the same things recently. Whenever I post candy, I get lots of hits from people that I've never seen comments from before and then I wonder if they frequent my blog and just don't comment or was it a random visit. All very curious.

    I agree with you. I don't always comment for blog candy for the same reasons you mentioned. I do like to support my bloggin buds by making comments, I really don't care about winning. It's just been fun meeting new people. So I guess if offering candy to meet someone new is what you need to do, that might be worth it! :)

  5. I normally only enter for blog candy on sites that I subscribe to and get daily updates. Ocassionally it's a mention of blog candy on another blog that takes me there and I find another blog that I'm interested in and sign up for updates. There are quite a few blog candies I haven't signed up for because I knew it wasn't something I would use. I try to leave comments on blogs even when there's no prize...but sometimes I just have enough time to check it out.
    I have only won blog candy once and I am using the items I got.

  6. LOTS of people sign up for blog candy just to win the candy and unless there is something in the post that says, "only people that frequent this blog or people who subscribe" then I don't see a problem with it.
    I say if you are offering candy and want it to go to specific people, then you have to be specific in your requirements otherwise it is open for anyone. I rarely sign up for blog candy unless it is a new product from a manufacturer, I usually just comment if there is something else in the post to comment about and let them know not to pick me. I don't think anyone's been offended so far. lol
    If I offer up candy, I really don't care who wins at all, I just wanna pass on some goodies.

  7. I agree with spazzgirl-
    Be specific if you only want certain people to win- other than that it is up for grabs- Speaking of which my girlfriend is offering some right now!

    Visit for some free PIF

  8. I had the same thought the other day!! I usually only enter candy of blogs that I visit often. Mainly because I was going to post anyhow regardless of candy or not. I visit these blogs because they're my "friends" and/or because they're very talented. I'll check out the visit my friends blog.. posts but only post if it's good stuff and I remember how I got there!! As far as people winning my candy, not sure as I'm just offering my first candy next week, so we'll see!

  9. I just offered my first blog candy last week. It was fun to give something away!

    But, I agree, I don't usually enter blog candy contests unless I frequent the blog.

  10. I don't go looking for candy. I occasionally enter for some, but not all the time. I had some candy up over the weekend and I got a lot more comments than normal from people who I've never seen comments from before. Not that I mind. I think it makes it more fun.


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