Monday, April 28, 2008

Bleeding Copics?

Hi all!!!! We drove down to LA for the weekend and I took my Copics and some stamped images to color in the car. I was RAK'ed a variety of different images from one of my SBS3 sisters, Heather, that are perfect for coloring. A few of the ones that I colored this weekend bled out of the lines. I could fix some of them with the colorless blender but couldn't get the red to go back in the lines.

Anyone know why this happens? Is it the paper? Since these are RAKs I'm not 100% certain what the cardstock is but I'm fairly certain it's Whisper White. Did I oversaturate the cardstock? What do you think?

I'm bummed about this image since it's pretty cute. I think I'm going to use it anyway and find a way to cover up the part where the ink bled and I couldn't fix it.

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  1. Yuck, how sad! I'm no copic expert, but I only use Georgia Pacific cardstock and don't color right up to the edge to allow for a little spreading. Hope you can salvage your cute image!

  2. It's because I stamped them with Stazon ink. You didn't tell me you were going color them with Copics... Stazon ink is the same ink Copics are made out of. I colored mine with Prisma pencils.What do you stamp your images with when you use Copics? Do you need me to send you some more?? I can... :)

  3. it's the ink and/or the paper, if it was WW, then it was the paper too that bleeds like crazy for me.
    I stamp with Brillance on GP paper from Walmart (yuck) and it is perfect. Just use white pen to cover it. HTH

  4. Hi Kathy,

    The problem has to be the ink and possibly the paper as well. When I use my Copic Markers, I only use Adirondack Inks. I have also discovered that Papertry Ink's card stock is excellent when using Copic Markers.
    * Ellen Hutson's Solar White is another great card stock also:)

  5. I use Palette ink (by Stewart Superior) and Georgia Pacific cardstock from Wal-Mart (good stuff and CHEAP)


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