Thursday, September 6, 2007

This and That

I'm still a little swamped around here. Work for me is always extremely hectic the beginning of the school year. However, our district has had a relatively smooth and successful beginning of the school year and I can breathe a tiny bit right now.

My 5 yo started kindergarten last week. He's got the same teacher as my oldest had for kindergarten and she just smiled and told me that they couldn't be any more different. Here's a little recap:

Day 1--Miles loses the ice pack in his lunch box
Day 2--Miles loses the whole lunch box
Day 3--Miles gets his arm stuck in a rail and has to be "rescued" by a custodian who sprayed it with cooking spray so it can slide out. . . .

I love my baby but he does lack concentration and focus at times.

Friday night we had a huge power outage. Dh and I almost bought a generator since we were really worried that we'd miss the UCLA season opener but luckily our power came back on during the middle of the night.

We spent most of Saturday putting together Maya's big girl bed. Now we've just got to convince her to stay in it all night long. Because I had to move my stamping stuff out of her room, it's all in the hallway and needless to say, I have gotten no stamping done in awhile. I'm really feeling some withdrawals and think I might have to get some stamping done.

I bought the CUTEST shoes!!!!! Dh thinks that I need more variety and that all of my shoes look alike but I just had to get these. Aren't they cute? I love and had to get some shoes after reading this customer review:
Gorgeous Mary Jane Inspired Pump - Say you are a thirty something working girl who was a grunge/punk in college and used to wear Fluevog's fun and funky angel shoes. Or maybe you we even more hardcore and used to wear 6 hole Docs with a baby doll dress. Now that you're all grown up you need a real pair of shoes that you can wear with nice slacks or a skirt to work. But you don't want totally give up on that inner riot grrr. Enter Fluevog. Shoes with flair and retro attitude that are also comfortable and sturdy. They are expensive but like the Vogs you bought in college, you expect them to last forever, wear like iron and clean up with a lick of polish. (If you can find polish in lizard green!). These shoes are so beautiful you will probably not be able to stop gazing at your feet while you sit on the bus to work, listening to Babes in Toyland on your Ipod thinking you could imagine Kat Bjelland wearing these shoes and that like the Ipod, anything that takes your mind off your depressing commute is worth the money. If you are familiar with Fluevogs you are probably already aware of the quirks/potential problems with this shoe. If not, I'll fill you in. The fit is a half-size small, I think and if you have long toes they may not work for you even then. I have short toes, so I guess they work for me. I ordered a half size up from my normal size and they are a tad bit loose in the heel, but wratcheting down the strap does take care of that. The leather is firm, more similar to the leather in a sturdy oxford like Dr. Martens than a comfort dress shoe like "Softspots" and "Ecco". It takes a bit of breaking in time, but it’s worth it.

I definitely think I'll be buying more Fluevogs in the near future. I ordered 3 pairs to check them out and ended up returning 2--gotta love free shipping both ways!

We had gorgeous weather this weekend and our neighbors put out their waterslide. The kids had a great time and the grownups barbequed, enjoyed the sun, and had a couple cocktails :-)

Dh and I have a date night Saturday night and I'm sooooooooooooo looking forward to a grown up dinner, just the 2 of us. We're going to check out The Slanted Door in San Francisco and I can't wait :-) Since my parents are moving to Thailand September 18, we have to get one last night of babysitting out of them.

Thanks for visiting and listening to my ramblings. I do want to stamp something soon before I've forgotten how to do it!


  1. I have totally been thinking that I need some new shoes... now I have the "gimme, gimmes" for your new shoes!! who makes them? TFS!

  2. Thank you for sharing pieces of your life with us Kathy. Your son is so cute. So enjoy your time off and have a wonderful time on your date this weekend!

  3. Yeah, I have one of those kids...lost a shoe at school once, how does that happen?
    Love love love those shoes!!
    Hope things get less chaotic soon and enjoy your adult time.

  4. cute shoes! those are way cute!!
    great pics of your kids, very cute!!

  5. Super cute shoes! I definitely need some of those.

  6. Glad to hear that you got the big girl bed set up. Hopefully, you'll be able to carve out a niche for you to have a stamping space. Sounds like this kindergarten year is going to be an interesting one for you. lol

    Oh ya! Great shoes.


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