Thursday, May 29, 2008

Unmounted Stamp Storage

How do you all store your unmounted stamps? Since I've gone unmounted, I store mine in CD cases and then put them in a CD holder. I have the wire bin type that hold 20 (25?) CD cases and have 4 of them that are bursting out of the seams. I have not unmounted my stamps that originally came wood mounted, my background stamps, and my alphas and small phrased (Everyday Flexible Phrases, et al)

I like the space saving way of storing these stamps and the fact that my cases will stack on top of each other but I don't like that I don't necessarily know what I have and I'm not about to make binders of stamped images to cross reference.

I've seen the Little Monkeys system which looks cool but seems pricey for how many sets I have at this time which even with selling and trading away will only grow larger. I did order a starter system and extra sleeves since I can't tell for sure how many stamp sets it will hold and accidently ordered 2. I cancelled one and was thinking I should have kept it since I think I'll fill the first one quickly but if I don't like the system, I've still got my CD system.

So, this is long and rambling but I wanted to give you my initial thoughts and get your input on how you store your stamps.

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  1. I used to store my stamps in these awesome metal map drawers - loved it! But with baby, there was no room to keep them so I've decided to go unmounted as well. I've been laminating cardstock to store my stamps on. I originally thought I would store those in a drawer on my desk, but after seeing the littlemonkey system, I'll use a box very much like what they have.

  2. This is very interesting Kathy! When you receive your starter set, please let us know how you like it.

  3. I keep some of my unmounted stamps in cds and some I have put in a basket that I can shuffle through to find what I want.

  4. Hi there... I store mine in binders in baseball trading card incerts or if they are bigger 4x6 photo holds. I stamp an image on a piece of paper and slip it in front of the stamp so I can see what it looks like. You can fit a bunch in a 3" binder.


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