Friday, February 1, 2008

Slow and Steady

wins the race, right? I'm down a little more weight wise and just plan to keep it up! The sun is out and it's Friday!!!!!

Like my little moodget on the side? I think it's cute and it's one of my little google gadgets. They're totally addicting.

Have a great day and I am getting some stamping done this weekend because I realize I was supposed to have 6 full card swaps mailed out--ooopssss!!!!!! Dh and ds are going to the basketball game tonight so I can do it while I'm home with dd.



  1. congrats to you Kathy!!! I am right there with you...I have 20 total to lose...and I am trying to do it slowly too...

  2. Way to go! I think I put on the 5.5 you lost!! :-)

  3. You go girl. I have stalled on my weight loss. I am re motivated now.

  4. cute little tracker!! congrats!!! slow and steady is my motto too, right now I'm just slow though, I've lost the steady

  5. Hi Kathy!
    Thank you for your lovely comment! When I read my mail, your comment truly made my day. Thank you very much. I am trying to lose some weight also. I want to lose at least 15 pounds by next month. It's a job watching the calories.
    I hope you get your cards made and have a wonderful day.

  6. Woohoooo congrat's on the BIG WIN!


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